LED Module Sign Letters

Make Any Sign, Change Any Time™

With SpellBrite, you can build any Ultra Bright message you like...
and rearrange the letters to make a new message whenever you want.

LED Signs Bethel CTLED Signs Bethel CTLED Signs Bethel CT

Bright, illuminated signs Attract More Customers, because they capture the attention of your prospective
customers. The human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level. Printed signs
lack impact during the day and fade away at night. The traditional source for illuminated signs,
neon, is plagued with safety hazards, maintenance hassles, environmental issues, and aesthetic
challenges. The solution is SpellBrite, a completely new, click together LED signage system that
is brighter than neon and has none of the drawbacks.

• highly visible, day & night
• ultra-bright Red LEDs
• professional look
• smooth, bright line of light
• easy to install, move & clean
• UL listed
• rearrangeable letters
• 180° viewing angle
• "see thru" frame
• light weight
• safe to touch
• impact resistant
• power for 22 letters < 40 Watt bulb
• A-Z 0-9 $ . & ' % - space
• height - 6 1/4" per row
• low voltage - 12VDC
• every row can dim, pulse or flash
• remote control available